Sunday, November 11, 2012

Long Overdue UPDATE!

I am so excited to be back up and running! I have not got my laptop back up but I have figured out how to upload photos to Google+ and import them on the blog using my Asus Trabsformer Tablet! So I suppose this is how I will be posting until I find out what is wrong with my Dell :(
ANYWAY! I have been SO busy lately. I started my new work schedule. Rather than 32 hours I'm working a full 40 and have a math class at 7am Monday-Friday. No complaints here though. I am a morning person and I enjoy very much spending all day with my babies.
Ryan and I have been debating adopting a puppy for the past few months now and while his heart is set on a breeder for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, my heart is set on adopting from a shelter. I had a dog when I was younger that we adopted from the shelter and I believe in saving those dogs. Who got the final say? RYAN. Of course I researched breeders in our area and found a wonderful woman in Riverside (about 2 hours away) who breeds her many AKC registered dogs. I really gave in because Corgis ARE adorable and it would be nice adopting an 8 week old puppy we could train and have from the beginning. I requested the health and sale agreement, looked it over, and Ryan and I decided to go for it! We mailed out the signed adoption agreement and our holding fee last Monday. She called Friday confirming and asked if we wanted a boy or girl. I let her know we wanted a girl :D She reminded us the litter is due December 10. They will be ready the first weekend in February! We will be driving up around the middle of January to pick her out and go back up to take her when she's ready! I have been probably over doing it with all the research and Corgi blogs I've been finding but I'm so excited! I already have a shopping list going for all of her things before she arrives.
I guess that's it! Here are some Instagram pics from the past week :)
I love painting my nails but I feel fall is for acrylics and shellac!

                                             I went a little crazy on crafts at Michaels...

And made some button bracelets! Possible blog post on these coming soon!

I voted for the first time! 

Driving into the fog on my way to school.

Email from DeeAnn with Noble Hearts Corgis about our baby!

Until next time, 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Computer Problems :(

Wanted to update everyone on the computer problems I'm having resulting in no blog posts :( My laptop won't turn on and keeps telling me it wants to do a disk check. After it does the disk check it restarts and does the whole thing all over again! So irritating! I'm posting from my iPhone now but it's difficult posting on here because I can't move pictures or use it like a regular computer.
I went to Michaels today and went crazy on craft supplies so I hope my computer gets up and running so I can post these awesome crafts!
Until next time,