Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Happy Halloween!

Halloween is on a Wednesday! 
Today for Halloween I wanted to keep it simple. Just some cute ears because it's really hard to dress up and work with babies LOL they tend to slobber, puke, get boogers on, and sometimes even bleed on you. EW. I had a complete outfit planned around having cat ears. Guess what. Couldn't find the cat ears :| Ran to Walmart and everything was sold out. They only had bunny ears and bat ears left. Went with the bat because really, they're so dang cute :D They have the little ears, wings, pretty purple feathers, and little green bats! I couldn't help myself. While looking at these ears I immediately knew what I could wear and quickly got the heck out of Walmart. 
Usually I have a cute little collage of my outfits but today is simply a picture. Today was so busy with the Halloween Carnival at the school this is all I could get! I hope everyone had a great Halloween and goodnight! 

Bat Ears: Walmart
Purple Tank Top: A store in the local mall
Sequin Michael Kors Top: Ross 
Black Crop Leggings: Target
Black Bow Flats: Payless

Until next time,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holiday Food: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread

I have recently found love in Trader Joe's. I have been in many times but have never actually SHOPPED there. Ryan and I have decided to make Trader Joe's our new hot spot for shopping! We have fallen in love with absolutely everything. We love that they are a relatively healthy shopping place and most of all they have a lot of special items they only sell during certain times of the year. This pumpkin bread being one.
While in this past week I walked in to this giant pumpkin bread display and, hearing how wonderful their holiday items are, HAD to go for it and pick it up! Tonight Ryan and I made this delicious loaf of love <3

The recipe calls for 2 eggs, 1/2 cup vegetable oil and 1 cup water.
We mixed, buttered the pan, and poured :) 

Ryan's silly face as I take pictures of him poring the mix into the bowl.
About 75 minutes later after cooked and cooled, Ryan cut the bread!

This bread is amazing! So moist and really filling! I'm excited to eat it for breakfast tomorrow :) I would like to start posting recipes that I try, not just boxed ingredients that you add a few things to. Although I'm sure I will post a lot of these considering Trader Joe's has a lot of really tasty food items.
If you have a Trader Joe's in your area and are looking for a quick pumpkin bread to make, pick this one!
Until next time,

My Week On Instagram

I think every Sunday I want to post something like this. Where I can share some of my favorite photos I took that week. Yes, I think I will. I hope you enjoy :)
Instagram @sksinatra
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Better late than never! It's about 10pm here in San Diego. Wanted to get my homework finished before play time on my blog :) Priorities friends!
This was the last Wednesday where I spent half the day in the preschool and the other half of the day in the infant room. Starting next Wednesday I will be in the infant room all day. I'm a little sad but also excited because I'll be in with the babies I love FULL TIME :D
It was a chilly day here. This whole week has been in the high 60s low 70s. Next week it's back up to the 80s! I was super comfy in Ryan's sweater, jeans, and flats!
White Tank Top: Walmart
Nike Sweater: Ryan's. Like 5 years old.
Jeans: Old Navy
Bow Flats: Payless

I had three different collages and Ryan picked this one LOL hiding in his sweater :) 
It was cold and I was comfy!
Until next time,

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today's the day! The long awaited day of Taylor Swifts new album! I went to Target this morning when it opened at 8am, waited in line with all the other Swifties and picked up the deluxe copy! Every song on the album is wonderful. So full of heart and soul. Go get your copy!
In honor of RED, of course I had to paint my nails RED! The color is Revlon Valentine. The perfect deep, burning red I was hoping for.
Until next time,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Collective Haul Part 2: New Makeup I've Been LOVING + Swatches!

Part 2 is here! These are the new products I've been collecting over the past month or so and are my favorites. The ones I reach for the most out of my collection.

Below I have included pictures and swatches of almost everything!

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles in 20 Light Pale, Maybelline Coverstick in Fair, 
Revlon Colorstay 240 Medium Beige for Combination/ Oily Skin. 
These three items are my face! I start off with the Revlon Colorstay all over, use the Maybelline stick to cover any "problem areas" and use the dark circle eraser last under my eyes. I picked up all three of these on three different trips to Ulta. I bought the Colorstay on a recent trip because my Makeup Forever HD Foundation was getting too dark for me. It was the summer makeup! I had heard really good things about Colorstay and mixed reviews on the Colorstay Whipped. I ended up purchasing the original and I am so glad I did! I really love this foundation. It does have a strong smell whenever you open it but it quickly fades after applying. I have considered doing a full review with before and after pictures of this in another blog post. If you would like to see that please Tweet me @sksinatra or comment on my Instagram @sksinatra. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 601 Black Bean, Physicians Formula Palette Nude.

I didn't swatch either of these because the palette would have simply been a pain to swatch and the Jumbo Eye Pencil is a black NYX pencil! I bought both of these at Ulta online during the 40% off NYX, Physicians Formula, Revlon, and something else sale. I bought three other Jumbo Eye Pencils but I don't reach for them as often so they aren't in this post ;) I'm a really neutral eye kind of girl and when I saw this palette I knew I had to have it! So far I use it almost every day. I use the Jumbo Eye 
pencil to line my top eyelashes. I enjoy a darker lash line on top. 

The Balm Hot Mama! and Bahama Mama

Both of these I picked up off The Balm website. I watch many beauty gurus on YouTube and these two have been mentioned a few times and I was in need of a new blush and bronzer. Also, I wanted to try these out against the ELF blush and bronzer duo. I like these better! Maybe its the shimmery blush or the way the bronzer goes on better. The ELF bronzer goes on a little too dark and it takes a bit to thin it out. I definitely want to try other Balm products. 

Maybelline Baby Lips in 30 Peach Kiss and Revlon Lip Butter in 095 Creme Brulee

These two I wear every day! Sometimes together, sometimes separately but I always have one on. Like my eye shadow, I like a neutral lip also. I love the Baby Lips because it's basically a lip balm with a color tint. It keeps my lips hydrated and adds a little color. It's not at all sticky and it smells and tastes amazing! The Lip Butter I think was a genius idea. It's a lipstick with a body butter like quality. Also very hydrating but in a lipstick! I have almost all of the Baby Lips (I think there are 5) and I have 4 of the Lip Butters. These two are very similar colors but the Baby Lips is a little pinker.  

Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara.
For some strange reason I didn't take a picture of this LOL. I'm sure everyone has seen this mascara somewhere anyway. Or maybe you even have it! It is my absolute favorite mascara right now and I have yet to find another that makes me lashes as pretty. This mascara lengthens and thickens. It really does look like I have applied false lashes! 

Until next time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!
Wednesdays are one of my longer days. I work down in the preschool half the day and head up into the infant room for the second half of the day. I want to be comfortable and happy on Wednesdays. I maybe should have thought ahead and worn shorts though because its 93 degrees here in San Diego!
Today I wore-
White tank top: Walmart
Color Block top: Walmart
Jeans: Old Navy 
(if you haven't figured out by now, I'm in love with Old Navy jeans!)
Braided Roxy sandals: Macy's
Nail polish: Sinful Colors- Muse

Until next time, 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bath and Body Works: Candles

Two blog posts in the same weekend?! YAY :)!

As many of you know, Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles are expensive. $19.50 each! So when they have a 2 for $20 sale and every one after is $10, you jump on it! That's basically buy one get one free and then if you're buying more than 2 you get those $10 dollars off! They don't have these sales very often but they have been recently. Probably because of the holiday season fast approaching but they just had one of these sales 3 weeks ago and are having another RIGHT NOW! Go! Run to Bath and Body Works :)
They have just launched their Winter season candles and I saw a few online I thought I would like. Here are pictures and the description of the candles I picked up this morning and then the candles I picked up in the sale 3 weeks ago-

'Tis The Season: "Deep green pine, rich red apples and a touch of golden cider blend to create a timeless and heartwarming holiday scent" This candle smells really cinnamon-y but really sweet. You can definitely smell the sweetness of the apples. I'm excited to burn this one!

Snowed In: "Spend the day indoors, away from the cold wind, decorating for the perfect holiday with the inspiring fragrance of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage" This is a powerful scent! I can seriously smell this one over every other candle here next to me and the top is on it! It's hard to describe the smell. I suppose it's kind of musky and exactly what it says "fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage." While smelling all the new scents I smelled this one and it immediately went into Ryan's arms. This one was a definite. 
Leaves: "A fragrance that embodies the richness of fall - with all of its colors and pleasures - featuring notes of golden nectar, ripe delicious apple and red berries" 3 weeks ago when I was shopping I smelt this one and passed it up. This time I couldn't! I love the rich fruity smell when you take off the top. I watch a few beauty gurus on YouTube and this is a very popular candle among those girls. That is another reason I wanted to give this one a try!


Twisted Peppermint: "A fragrance featuring merry and bright peppermint with touches of vanilla and sugary musk is the perfect companion for a very snowy day" Let me start off by saying, I hate peppermint. I told Ryan he was allowed to pick out a candle of his choice because I pick out so many of ones I like. He loves peppermint. He picked out this candle because of the name. Obviously a peppermint scent, but decided on just getting the mini because he wasn't sure about the vanilla and sugary musk it also has. He says it smells too sweet and would rather it have a more peppermint-y smell. 

Fresh Balsam: "The invigorating aroma of evergreen woods on a clear winter morning features crisp eucalyptus, fir needles and cedarwood musk notes" I bought this candle in a mini because I really love the Christmas tree smell it has but not too sure how it's going to smell while burning. The fir needle smell is seriously over-whelming and I just want it to be Christmas already! 

Pineapple Mango: "Luscious tree-ripened mango and sweet tropical pineapple are complemented by crisp lotus and a hint of warm vanilla" I actually bought this one a while back. Like not even during the last sale. I bought it during summer when I was testing out candles and this one was very summery and fruity. I love the mango smell. It overpowers the pineapple, you can't even really smell anything other than mango but I have burned this one a few times and I love it!

Candles I bought in the last sale:

Cider Lane: "As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon" This is one of the 3-wick candles I bought 3 weeks ago in the last sale. I burn it a lot because I enjoy the cinnamon smell it has. I do wish though that it had more of the apple or caramel smell. 

Autumn: "On the brink of sweater weather - this inviting fragrance blends dark pomegranate with red apple and notes of fir balsam" If there was a candle that had my name written all over it, it is this candle. It has just the right amount of the pomegranate, apple, and fir balsam. I love the fruity/pine smell so much that this is the candle I've burned the most recently. I also have this in a mini and I think I'll go get a couple more of these 3-wicks before the sale is over. I can't live without this candle! 

I really want to get back to Bath and Body Works before the candle sale ends but we'll see! If you have an Instagram please follow me: sksinatra. I post a lot of pictures that don't always make it onto the blog! 
Until next time,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Collective Haul Part 1: Body Stuff & Fall Shoes

Hello Friends!
So I've picked up a lot of things recently that I wanted to share/ talk about. This is Part 1 of the Collective Haul: Body Stuff & Fall Shoes! Coming soon will be Part 2: New Makeup I've Been LOVING.

Body Stuff: Clear shampoo and conditioner, d:fi Beach Bum texturizing spray, Pure Minerals anti-aging night cream, Revlon nail polish in 060 Cafe Pink and 220 Rain Forest.
Clear: Recently I ran out of shampoo and conditioner. I was using Aussie's volume shampoo and conditioner and I seriously loved it and almost bought it again but next to it was that new brand Clear and I've read and heard from a few people that they really liked this brand. I picked up the Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. So far I'm loving it! I have super fine, thin hair. I have to wash it every day and I can't use heavy products or it makes my hair really greasy really fast and/or weighed down. The first time I used Clear I was a little scared because, while applying, it is REALLY creamy and felt a little heavy. To my surprise my hair has volume, it's soft and shiny, and it doesn't feel greasy or weighed down! I'm excited to keep using this to see if I get any build up or if it's still going to keep making my hair feel awesome!
d:fi Beach Bum spray: Alright, let's be honest. I bought this at TJ Maxx literally like two weeks ago and I have yet to use it :/ but I suppose you'll see a review eventually If I really love it or really hate it!
Pure Minerals anti-aging night cream: I also bought this at TJ Maxx and I have been using it! I apply almost every night after washing my face. It's a strange texture (almost mousse-like), it goes on creamy, and when I wake up in the morning my face feels soft and hydrated! So far I'm really loving this stuff.
Revlon nail polish in 060 Cafe Pink and 220 Rain Forest: I picked both of these up at Walmart a while back. The pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the sparkly green because I saw it and it instantly made me think of Christmas! I applied the pink last night and although the color is pretty, the texture is not so pretty :/ It's really streaky and took 3 coats to make the nail seem like it got even color all over. There is no picture of the finished result because I didn't wait long enough and messed up a few nails on both hands by trying on boots at Payless! Shame on me! The green I have not tried yet but I'll be sure to include it in a Nail of the Day post closer to Christmas ;)

Fall Shoes: Both from Payless; American Eagle Avery Bow Flat, Lower East Side Sammi Strap Boot.
American Eagle Avery Bow Flat: I love flats! A couple years ago I was really into them and I had a billion pairs but they got old and got thrown out and I fell out of my flat phase. But baby, THE PHASE IS BACK! I really needed a pair of plain black flats because the only black ones I own at the moment have the cheetah print bow I believe I posted on a What I Wore Wednesday post. If not, just kidding! I'm sure you'll see them some day. I wear them a lot. Anyway back to the point... I needed a pair of plain black flats. I was just telling my boyfriend Ryan I wanted to head up to Payless when I saw a commercial for their Fall Sale. With that, I had to go! I spotted these flats and even though I wanted PLAIN, these ARE all black and I really like the bow. They're also really comfy :) At $16.99 they're a great buy!

Lower East Side Sammi Strap Boot: These boots are the reason I wanted to go to Payless. I have been wanting a new pair of boots and Payless always has affordable and nice quality shoes for every season. And there's always a sale! I love the straps on these and the low, slouchy ankle. They are also very comfy! These were on sale $19.99 originally $34.99. A STEAL. I am obsessed so far and I know I'll get many uses out of these!

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I am a preschool teacher and today was picture day! Had to wear something pretty ;)

Brown Tank Top: Walmart
Pretty Top: Charming Charlies 
Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Walmart 

I don't know what color that is on my toes. I picked it out at the salon. It is an OPI polish though :) 
I can't wait for upcoming Wednesdays! It's really cooling down here in San Diego (expecting rain tonight!) so I'm breaking out the scarves and moccasins! YAY!
Until next time,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Helpful Home Tip and What I had for Breakfast

So I bought a dozen eggs seriously like 3 months ago and every time I would open my fridge it was like they were screaming "I was wasted! I'm probably no good now!" But I kept them in there for hatred of wasting money. Even if they were bad! While at work this past week I was telling one of my coworkers about my egg dilemma and she says "Eggs last a very long time but I have a trick for you!" And I'm thinking well, YAY cause now I can find out if these eggs are still good or if I threw money out the window.
She begins to tell me to fill a glass up with water and drop the egg in. If the egg is bad it will float. If the egg is good it was sink to the bottom. Hallelujah! A way to find out if my eggs are still good. So this morning I fill a glass up and start dropping my eggs in one by one. One sad little egg wasn't good and got tossed out but I'm glad 11 of them are still good and I can make some hard boiled eggs! I hope you can also use this tip in your home when you are unsure of some eggs that have been sitting around.
Here are a few pictures from my egg experiment-
Top Left: My dozen eggs and a glass.
Top Right: One of the good eggs at the bottom of the glass.
Bottom Left: My one bad egg floating.
Bottom Right: A bird's eye view of the floating egg. (haha, get it? bird's eye...egg...) 

While doing my egg experiment this morning I also cooked some breakfast! I was so pleased with the way it turned out and how amazing it tasted I wanted to share! This morning I cooked up some turkey bacon for an at home breakfast sandwich. I would have also cooked up an egg if I had known they were still good ;)
I used an english muffin, avocado, turkey bacon, and some sriracha sauce. I'm glad I cooked the whole pack of turkey bacon cause this sandwich was GOOD and now all I'll have to do is reheat the bacon. 

Definitely try out this sandwich or even put a little twist into yours by adding things you like :) 
Until next time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday & Last Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! It's Wednesday! Half way through the week already ;) Let's get to the outfit!
Today I wanted to be comfortable because I have been fighting the flu for three days now. What is more comfortable than stretchy pants and a skull button up?!
Skull top: TJ Maxx
Stretchy leggings: Target
Stud sandals: Rue 21
Studded purse: Ross 

Not only was this outfit comfortable, every one at work LOVED the shirt! Definitely a great find at TJ Maxx! 
So Sunday I was hoping to blog about the Adams Ave Street Fair we have here in San Diego but that was the day I came down with the flu! Saturday evening I went to the street fair with one of my co-workers and it was a BLAST! I had so much fun. I loved all the booths and the music and the food! I wanted to share some pictures from the night-
This was my OOTN for the street fair! 
Top- Ross
Jeans- Old Navy
Sandals- Walmart 

Before hitting the street fair we went to Proprietor's for a glass of wine. 
I wish I could tell you what this was called. All I remember was that is was a Chardonnay. 

After our wine we walked around, enjoyed the music, and I bought a gorgeous watch necklace. 
I've had an obsession with watch necklaces ever since my grandma gave me hers. 

Inside of the wine bar

Some crazy alcohol bottles a lady painted and turned into lamps!

The moon!

It's even more beautiful in person!

Until next time!