Monday, April 22, 2013

Friends, Weight Watchers, and Clementine!

I haven't been on much in the last two months with the business of school, work, and our puppy Clementine but a few things happened yesterday that inspired me to want to get back on and continue sharing my thoughts and passions with you.
First, I recieved an email yesterday from a nice woman named Gabby asking if I would be interested in having my Maybelline Color Whisper post featured on her website OF COURSE I emailed back! Someone liked my blog and my post so much she wanted to share it with the world. This makes me very excited. I blog because I know someone out there is interested. Someone is interested in the makeup I post about, or the outfit I'm wearing that day, or even about my life that week. I hope I make someones day better and inspire them somehow. You can find my post on her blog at
Second, I joined Weight Watchers yesterday! I am extremely excited about this and hope I can stick with it at least until the end of the year. I have had an issue with my weight my entire life and I could never stick with any diet long enough to see any results so I believe if I'm paying every month and I have to go in every Sunday to weigh in, maybe this time I can get down to my goal weight. Like I've wanted my entire life. I really love the PointsPlus system and with today's technology tracking is so easy with the WW iPhone app. I'm hoping to post here often with tips and things I've eaten that I think someone might enjoy :)
Third, and last but not least, CLEMENTINE. A little over two months ago I posted that we were getting our furbaby that week. Our eight month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It has been two months now and she weighs 10 pounds more than when we picked her up that day but she is still perfect and I am so happy that she makes me so happy. We decided on the name Clementine, a name that wasn't in the ultimate list, and when we saw her, Clementine fit perfectly. She loves the dog park in our town and we just went to the beach a couple of days ago. I enjoy, and I'm sure she does too, the San Diego Corgi group we have on the Meetup website. So many corgi friends here and so many events we enjoy attending! Clementine has her own Instagram @clemycorgi and her own Tumblr
 Until next time,