Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail of the Day: Loreal Brit Invasion

Today's Nail of the Day is a color I picked up last night in Walmart's clearance section! It caught my eye because I've been searching for fall colors and this brown/green/grey/purple color with gold shimmer was beautiful! Indoors right now this polish looks like a green/grey on my nails but when I went outside it was definitely a purple/brown!

Pretty gold shimmer

I thought I really wasn't a fan of Loreal polishes after the last one I bought, Penthouse Pink. That polish went on really lumpy and I literally took it off right after I did it. Brit Invasion didn't lump at all and was really easy to work with. It went on a little sheer so I used two coats. Overall, I really enjoy this polish and I think I'll use it a lot this fall. Brit Invasion makes me want to try more Loreal polishes. I shouldn't have dubbed them all bad after Penthouse Pink ;) 
Do you own this color? What do you think?
Have a wonderful weekend!

UPDATE 10/4/12: The following day after applying this polish it started cracking! I can't even explain the way it turned out! and I applied Penthouse Pink again to just TRY to give it another shot. BAD IDEA. I hatehatehate this polish! It's lumpy, cracked, and there are strange little holes all over my nails o.O No more Loreal polish for me!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello Friends!
I have been thinking about theme days lately and "What I Wore Wednesday" appealed to me. I'm also nosy and like to see other people's OOTD so maybe you also enjoy it?
Below is a list of what I wore and where I got the item!
Brown tank top: Walmart
Animal print top: Old Navy
Black skinny jeans: Old Navy
Animal print bow flats: Ross
Sunglasses: Cracker Barrel
Nail polish: Tip Toe Candy Apple

Until next time; I hope you all enjoyed my OOTD and enjoy your Wednesday! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nail of the Day: Tip Toe Candy Apple

I have recently decided I need red polish in my life. I have pinks and blues and greens but no red! Fall is here and red is a must have for fall. Over the weekend I was in Old Navy picking up some new skinny jeans and as I was walking to the checkout line I saw a little display of nail polish. This red caught my eye because I am in need of reds! For $3.99 (and not having to go to another store for nail polish!) I could not pass it up. 
Tip Toe is an Old Navy brand and they had a wide selection of colors. It went on evenly and I really like the brush. I used two coats because the first coat came out kind of hot pink. It is definitely a deeper red and more berry colored in person. I actually think this polish should be named Raspberry rather than Candy Apple. Next time I'm in Old Navy I think I'll be picking up some more :) 
Do you like reds for fall? Or red nail polish in general?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sinful Colors and today's Nail of the Day!

While in Walmart one day with my sister, we ran across this new nail polish brand, Sinful Colors. Walmart had a giant cardboard stand set up introducing this new polish brand they started selling. Honestly, at first I was skeptical. It was cheap! I am a little turned off by cheap polish because I could never seem to make it work. It would clump, the brush would be too big, and/or it wouldn't be as opaque as I had hoped. That day I had passed up these colors and left Walmart with what I had gone in to buy.
About a week later I was again in Walmart and they had moved these polishes to their new permanent home on the shelf. I decided you know what, why not?! Lets give these a try. I picked up Cinderella and Timbleberry that day. I came home and tried them out. I WAS IN SHOCK. Seriously they were both perfect. They went on great, the brush wasn't too big or small, and they were super opaque! You could probably get away with one coat but I always love two. 
Sinful Colors is one of my new favorite polish brands. Every time I go into a Walmart or Target or some drug store I make sure to pick up a couple new ones. They are under $2 and they are fabulous! Last week I heard Walgreens was having them on sale for 99 cents and I ran out that day and bought 4! As you can probably tell I am super stoked on these polishes! Here are a few pics from the past couple weeks of the Sinful Colors polishes I have been wearing and my collection so far.


And here is a photo of today's Nail of the Day: Sinful Colors Moss Have 

I hope to be collecting more in the future and I hope you enjoy my Sinful Colors review!

Friday, September 21, 2012

First Post!

I am beginning my first post on the last day of summer. Isn't this the perfect time to start a blog? I have been debating this whole thing for months. I even started this blog months ago and never got around/ never sitting down to start my blog journey. Let's make this short and sweet, shall we?
My name is Samantha and I am 21 years old. I am a preschool teacher at an exceptional school here in San Diego with the most bright and beautiful children I have ever met. I am blessed to see their faces more than I see my own families. I live with my best friend and sister Jessica, her boyfriend Matt, and the love of my life Ryan. These three people know everything about me. They see me at my lowest and my highest. My bad days and my really bad days. I trust these people with my life.
I have been debating starting a blog because in the last year I feel like I have lost many people. People who obviously aren't interested in sticking with me through my journey. People who are aren't supportive of me. "Surround yourself with positive successful people." is how I want to live my life now. I want to be able to blog about my life and my struggles and my happy moments because it what makes me happy. I want to blog about the nail polish I'm wearing that day or the craft I tried. I want to make people happy with my happiness and be inspired by my words. I want to make a difference. This is a reason why I have become a preschool teacher. I am in the first few steps of molding an individual with creativity and knowledge. It's seriously mind blowing!
I hope you all stick with me and enjoy my future blog posts. I leave you now with a few pictures of my life :)


Until next time,